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  • MaryEllen McCloud

August 20, 2019

The Father says, Miracles are a joy for Me to bring to all. Who said that I stopped doing the impossible? What is hard for you is just a thought into action for My Hand. Do not be your own stumbling block. What you go through matters to Me. What you suffer in was never My desire. Take off the sackcloth for I have called you to sit in heavenly places. Will not all of your needs be met if you already own what I have? What has been asked before My Throne may require action by your own mouth and feet to come to reality. Remove the doubters from your midst and stand unwavering before Me.

Listen to My Voice in the Breeze. Was that messenger sent by Me or did you just sign up to hear from anyone ready to speak? I will bring you life. I will give you purpose all of the days in your life. I will count you as Mine while protecting you from the forces too strong for you to deal with. Keep your confidence in the King of Kings. I send no disappointments. Listen to the moments of adjustment. I will ask you to step out of unbelief and into My Yes and Amen.

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