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  • MaryEllen McCloud

August 19, 2019

The Father says, My Glory is surrounding you this day. Stop counting the days of lost for I am reviving even the most forsaken dream of yours. You have not wished for not. I placed upon you the blueprints and now you will see all come together in order for you to finally walk out what you have merely scratched upon the paper up until now. Be a Big Dreamer and I will take you even higher. There is no ceiling where you are going. You are ready even when you gave up thinking you could walk this out to fruition. I have not given up on you so see the blessings from My Hand before you.

This time what you thought would not work will work with the precision that only I could do for you. No barrier will touch your shores and no obstacle will you not be prepared for. Find the peace and do not let the world trouble your spirit. I am the one who knows your yesterday’s, today's, and tomorrow’s. No one is better suited to take you to unknown charted seas than Me. Who do you place your trust in? I can do more with your weaknesses than all of your strengths together. Go the full distance and you will never have regrets all of your days.

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