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  • MaryEllen McCloud

What Is On God's Heart Today

by MaryEllen McCloud

Lately, I have noticed many people getting off of God's current path for their life. The current path is not what was in their heart to do. They wanted the other path they were on before God intervened. The enemy has come back around and told the person to go back to the original path, now offering them everything their heart was desiring from that path. The enemy was so seductive and persuasive that they thought they were just merely being tested by the 2nd path and now God is saying they have done well and can have the first path.

NO! THIS IS A TRAP. God is not double-minded, and I see many using parts of scripture and not the full context of scripture to try and place their situation into some scenario where they can have it all now because they passed some test. NO! God may be indeed testing you, but not in the way that you were hoping. The New Path will redeem and satisfy beyond what you would have ever gotten out of the path of disobedience.

The Lord says, Be Still and Know that I Am God. Doors that I have declared closing should be closed. I Am doing a New Thing and not reviving a path I just asked you to relinquish. If I said to you that this path was poison, do not think that I have now allowed it. Man thinks he is right in his own mind. Be students of My Word and My Voice lest you fall for the illegitimate voices.

One final word. God is not badmouthing people to you. I have heard people say that God told them about all of the bad flaws and traits that another person has. No, He did not. You are digging out from your own soul or the enemy's lies. When God reveals something, it is about how the enemy is working through a person. Pay attention to the difference. God is not putting people down. This is for you to be on assignment, IF God is truly sending YOU on that assignment to help the person be set free, or for you to know to avoid dealings with that person for a specific reason. It is not to just merely gossip to you about that person.

Either way, God moves in LOVE when He moves through us. It is not for us to now be judgmental. Stop labeling people. HE OR SHE IS NOT A JEZEBEL. Yes, this spirit infects both genders and I know some say it only operates in females, but I have personally seen BOTH in the places God has sent me. I have battled this spirit hand to hand in the spirit realm, but the person is NOT the evil spirit. Your co-worker is not a narcissist. They have a spirit on them or that spirit maybe on you actually. Be careful. The spirit on a person will says its name. A lying spirit will accuse everyone else of being a liar when it is really working in the person making the accusations.

When you label someone, you stop seeing the Light of God in them or the potential for them to be free. You are not labeling a non-Christian as a Jezebel for example. Does this spirit not inhabit the lost as well? It did in the Bible. So for Christians to only call Christians these labels has to make you stop and wonder what trap the enemy has truly set in our churches. Churches are being divided not by people but the demonic spirits working in those people.

Think about your words and who is bending you into the wrong mindset. God is not behind this attack running through your mind against another person. He is not labeling negative concepts onto a human. Christ already died to redeem all of mankind. Your fight is not against flesh, but be mindful of the demonic spirit oppressing your own mind, will, and emotions. We never want to be a pawn to the enemy thinking we are in the righteous light of God.

Be Humble before the Throne of God. Let Him sift us all to remove the impurities. No, it is not a pleasant process, but one we will never regret going through.

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