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  • MaryEllen McCloud

August 4, 2019

The Father says, Do not get in the way of what I will teach the children. Do not rescue your youth from just consequences. They will need to experience correction in order to be molded with impenetrable character and uncompromising virtue. Your child may say that they never get away with anything. Know that by My Voice this will be truth. The Path to Righteousness begins at birth. Let go and let Me steer their path fully. Many will unknowingly block their future destiny during even idol words. For what is to come requires a steady hand and guarded lips.

Know My Wisdom over man’s. I will send, those yielded to Me, to uncharted and unprecedented waters. Their desires in life may appear unrealistic, but stop to evaluate Who is Behind their desires. I will fill their spirit with dreams above any other’s dreams. I desire to take them Higher, Deeper, and Farther than all will be able to see. Release the Reins. Let My Will Be Done! Blinded over protection will rot the soul. One must endure hardships to have the ability to carry the weight of their future. You cannot be a couch lover and still be able to run a marathon against the elite athletes. One must decide to Run fully with Me or sit out the life I created them to live.


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