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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 31, 2019

The Father says, I do not take note on which way the wind blows in the minds of the pessimistic crowd and neither should you. They can claim that the sky is falling, but I created the sky and I will have the final say. Do you not believe you can thrive when others do not? If I Am on your side, what else really matters? Come co-create the new with Me. I will guide you to the spectacular and amazing yet to beheld. I am not alarmed when trials come, for I have already drawn out the strategy around what appears as the tallest of mountains before you.

Dreams from long ago do not need to be dreams forever gone. Look again at the blueprints. Nothing is impossible for those who believe. I have chosen you to flourish and to walk in establish authority. Educate yourself and write the vision. You will require both so that you can set your course heading and compass correctly. Today is the day to pick up what you placed down. Get ready for new blessings are being set aside just for you. I am not a God of the old anointing. I Am the God of the New Wine Skins, and My Glory is ever in front of you.

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