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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 29, 2019

The Father says, How you treat one another matters in all respects. The most unlikely of people can teach you the most blessed of lessons that will lift your soul and spirit into unseen realms of Glory. I use who I will use for My Namesake. Even if you see no worth before you, I find them Priceless. I know the heart and all that is hidden from the eyes of man. I know where you have judge them wrongly through your own eyes of pride. I see what you do and think in the hidden shadows of self-righteousness. One expects grace and mercy for being human and yet denies this to their brother or sister.

Be My Bride! If I Am Love, then you must be of Love also. Extend not just your hands, but your heart, for when you do so in My Name, I will fill you with an intense Love for the suffering world. You will learn to feel what I feel. A person may have no special talent or gift, but I say they can do more through their love than all others combined. Release and surrender your will and life this very hour. There is much I can do with a fully yielded vessel. Come Away My Child. Let Me bring peace and calm in a world that knows none of this.

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