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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 28, 2019

The Father says, A tree grows taller and taller, and yet in due season, the leaves wither and fall to the ground. Does the tree see this as a bad experience? I will take you into new revelation from My Throne about how the processes of life propel you higher and higher in My Glory Realms. What falls to the ground is never wasted and will cause new growth to spring from the now fertile soil. Ask Me how to endure and not how to escape. I am not always going to give you an easy escape plan. Know your time and seasons.

Look at your watch. Mark the time and date. I will bring back this moment to your remembrance at some point in your journey to come. What I am showing My People is a greater manifestation of My Purposes, and your part in what I am doing for all of Mankind. You are not on the sidelines unless you choose to be. It is time to get out of the pit and see that I am all about your beautiful story! Trust that I can do all things and that I have great plans for you.

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