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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 27, 2019

The Father says, There are times when you are walking along the beach smiling with content, but fail to recognize that I desire for you to go into the water. Other times, you are tucked safely in that oversized chair next to your favorite window looking on through the glass. However, I desire that you open the window to feel My winds. The sand and the window may allow you to see the revelation coming, but yet not experience the transformation yourself. You must be willing to go deeper. Step out into the New and even Unfamiliar.

My People remain comfortable looking at others who are walking fully under an Open Heaven, and yet will tell a stranger that I have no direct interaction with mankind anymore. Get off of the beach and out of that chair. Christ died so that I may have all of you, and you have all of Me. No longer is man bound in thinking one would die if a person beholds My face. Listen, you are covered and walk in holiness. Look at your Father in Heaven and know that there is nothing I would not do for you, yesterday, today, and for eternity. You can go as High as you wish. I am walking with you!

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