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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 21, 2019

The Father says, Heaven contains all of the resources you need while on Earth. Pull down what you are in need of. Do miracles not birth from troubles and crisis? Ask for wisdom and it shall be granted to you. Many are wise, but fail to utilize and listen to My Voice echoing inside of their spirit. Pride will keep a man from turning from the raging rapids. I will rescue you from the hands that are too strong for you to manage. Call upon Me when questions arise before you go the wrong way.

Many think that I do not speak to anyone or just a small select group of people. I am always speaking to My Creation and that includes you. Learn to see, feel, and hear Me even right now. As you mature, I will approach you differently, as I desire to take you into a more intimate relationship. Look for the shift from season to season. You are not less than another. What I do for one, I will do for all. Maintain a mindset of expectation to see Me moving, and you will find what you seek all around you!

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