• MaryEllen McCloud

July 15, 2019

The Father says, Not everyone needs to know the assignments that I hand to you. I love your enthusiasm and full desire to be used by My Voice and Hand. Be careful who you take into your confidences for not everyone walks in Kingdom Purposes, even when they seem like the most devoted. Ask Me to expose who is not good for your life. Clear your mind and wait for My answer. The enemy will also be sending you messages to cause distraction and confusion. My Sheep know My Voice. If you spend little time in My presence, it will be difficult for you to know the difference.

Lay down your opinion about what you think and feel that I am up to in your life. I never said that I follow the logic of man. I may just ruffle your feathers, as well as,

the people around you. Stretching causes some to lose desire to continue on as My chosen vessel. Those that stay on course will find that which they seek. The path many narrow and the trail look less worn, but know that as you continue walking with Me, I will bless you beyond comprehension. You are My blessing to a lost and hungry world. Be ones who walk in the Light and avoid the darkness in your own life. When you do, My Light will illuminate the darkness causing the enemy to flee.