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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 14, 2019

The Father says, Many of My people are walking into a time when they will be on their journey and assignment from Me mostly alone for a time. There are others who are now coming out of their alone season, where I will now bring new people to carry the burden with. Know the time and season that you are in. Trying to fit yourself into where I have not called you to, will only frustrate and move you from where you need to be. There is a purpose to both seasons of growth that is invaluable to who you are becoming in Me.

It can be difficult to be in either time frame of this process, but understand this growth is necessary. You cannot always be prepared properly when you are around others that will challenge what I have instructed and taught you to do. Likewise, there are times I will send people to help guide you as a well crafted bow and arrow. Be still, and you will know which direction I am sending you to. I desire for you to have an easier adjustment and transition. The warfare around you may seem like it will not cease, but know that it will. The atmosphere is shifting even in this hour. Let your Praise and Worship rise above the land.

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