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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 9, 2019

The Father says, Refresh your mind and spirit. So many evangelize to influence people out of hell, but fail to speak about how spectacular Heaven truly is. Heaven is not merely a better option. Ask Me to show you what Heaven is like. You don’t have to live off of someone else’s accounts. Be a first hand witness yourself. Too many are staring at the Cross and going over and over sins to the point they are useless in their everyday life. There are moments when you must deal with sin as a routine of staying in alignment with My will. You are redeemed! Be careful not to let the enemy of your soul rob you due to being overly focused on seeing yourself as a sinner instead of a Saint.

Your identity is Saint always in My Eyes. I am perfecting My Word in and through you, Ever changing what is not of My Kingdom. Bring your praise and worship for this is not a negative but gloriously positive. For with every step, you become more and more the person I designed you to be. It doesn’t matter how others see and judge you. I see your heart with your perfect potential. Heaven is a place where your imagination will sore and become reality. It is time in believing that I will make the impossible possible.

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