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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 6, 2019

The Father says, Accept My Grace and Mercy for the mistakes you were trying to avoid. Do not wear a sign of shame any longer. It doesn’t matter what others believe about you. Let Me set the record straight about you. I will remove people who are harmful to the call I have on your life. I will place new people in your life that will propel and catapult you into higher realms of My Glory. For as you are around like minded people, so too will you become more alike.

Everything is going to be ok. I see the Beginning from the End. You will love how this plays out! You are victorious because I Am your Victor. I have the next steps on your journey already laid out for you. Come walk with Me for I know the way. You will indeed overcome all that is infiltrating your life today. Believe and Receive what I have for you. For the Kingdom is in You. You must walk with Kingdom mindset. Do not allow the world to wear you down into their likeness. Decide to be set apart just as I have called you to be.

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