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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 3, 2019

The Father says, I am filling you up from My Cup. I created you for fellowship not isolation. Many have been scorn by failed friendships, afraid to reach out one more time. I say to you this day, reach out again. What I am doing in this moment is removing the walls and mindsets that have made it difficult for you in the past. Welcome a new tribe of people into your day. Not everyone will fill the voids, but many will provide kingdom riches into your experiences.

I am preparing you for a tribe of people that will be with you through thick and thin. A people loyal to My Namesake and about My Kingdom purposes. I am bringing a new level of mature people ready to share life with you. A new level of healing is falling upon you, and I am erasing the pain of past betrayals. No longer will you look upon the past with shame for today, I lift you up from the days of despair. Dust yourself off for there is no time to be looking to what was. I will restore the broken dreams. Can you dream for the grander yet to come?

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