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  • MaryEllen McCloud

June 20, 2019

The Father says, When My Voice shows you the truth, your response will either show obedience or rebellion. My love extends to the reaches of your life this very day. Do not allow your heart to turn to stone. You choose to plant seeds from My Kingdom or from the enemy with your heart and mind. You choose whom you will follow in big and small ways. I desire for you to have a life and a life more abundantly. I died to give you the Zoe way of life. The tide is turning even in this hour.

I’m asking you to take My Hand for eternal freedom from all chains that would keep you from My Full Glory and Favor in your life. My Promises are there forever and ever. Be a people who choose life and not death. I will never forsake you or lie to you. I do this because I Love you and not because you have done anything to deserve all that I have. Rest in My Love and receive every good thing I have laid aside for you. There are storerooms full in heaven with your very name on it. Walk with Me in the Cool of the Day. I long to spend each day with you. Tell Me your desires, and I will tell you My Magnificent Plan for your life. I will not disappoint you! You are My Pearl.


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