• MaryEllen McCloud

June 15, 2019

The Father says, You have time because I Am the One who holds all time. Many give up their dreams and callings because they believe the reports that the sky is falling, and that I am done with My purposes on the Earth. I say NO I am not! Do you believe Me or those that would choose to tell you things that are contrary to what you can even see with your own eyes? I desire that All would come into My Kingdom, but many of My people are too busy packing their bags in the hopes that I am coming to remove them at such a vital time as this.

Many, throughout the ages, have tried to predict when the end will be, but I have said in My Word that no one But the Father knows. So why put your beliefs into people who couldn’t possibly know? Did I ever follow the mind of man? My ways are Higher and there is still much great and mighty things to happen for My Namesake. I have said to occupy the Land. Subdue the territories that are given to your authority. I have told you to be watchful for My coming, but I never told you to stop all that you were doing. You are to be busy about the Father’s business. Did I tell you to stop yet? No, I have placed in front of you many gifts and many callings. I have told you to Be the Light and influence those around you with the Truth of Christ.