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  • MaryEllen McCloud

May 31, 2019

The Father says, You see the tall grass sway in the breeze, as the clouds gently pass by. And you say, I AM not moving in and around you! Even when you cannot see the evidence of the My winds moving, you can still feel the effects across your face. Now is your moment to join with Me with great expectation, not sit and speak against your very life. Even when a battle wages for years, it is over in a mere second. When I say your battle is coming to an end, it means to change your mindset and prepare for the full shift to another way of life that you are about to walk into.

When you continue to see a battle, you will only keep that cycling in your mind regardless of what the truth reveals in the morning. There is a wrapping up that is happening around you right now. Transitions can be a rocky and an unsettled experience, but what comes forth will bring a land of beauty. Some of you have been in the battle for so long that you know no other way of being. I am coming to you in this hour to wipe all, that is not of Me, out of your beliefs about your journey. You will clearly behold what My hand and voice have been making way for. You will understand the unimaginable.

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