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  • MaryEllen McCloud

May 25, 2019

The Father says, There is nothing before you worthy of a moment of fear. I have not created you to walk in fear, but in greatness. Your moments on Earth are like the passing wind. Do not spend another moment gathering up more regrets. Today is the day that I call you forth into the Days of Glory. I am with you, so take notice of all that you see and what you cannot see directly. I will settle the scores that you see as unfinished. Give those to Me to worry about. Do not let the sun set on a life made for unlimited heights.

See yourself as better off because of the Cross than a life that Adam walked in. You are not trying to live up to the standard before the fall. You already transcend what was in the Garden. Are you finding understanding filling your heart and mind yet? I have said that I would turn around every moment of evil against you to your favor. The largest attack against mankind began in a Garden next to a tree. And through the Tree of Calvary, You, My Royal Sons and Daughters, Walk on the Water of My Living Spirit. I now LIVE in you, and We will dwell together for all of eternity. Rise up, for Now is your time to sit upon this fast moving train of My Glory! I found you over there, but I am taking you to an unimaginable existence. Step out of the familiar for it no longer serves you.

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