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  • MaryEllen McCloud

May 16, 2019

The Father says, People who continually doubt the workings of your hands will watch as I take you right to the highest of places in Me. You have what you need. Do not doubt yourself for I have full confidence in who I have created you to be. Take up and I will push you onward. Your Hope comes from My very breath. I am not finished with your journey. We are sewing up current matters so that your hands are free for what is to come in later this year. My Favor is upon you heavily. Doors that remained closed, for even years, will soon be flying open under My Authority.

I have not forgotten what you have waited for. I have heard your prayers and pleas, so get ready. The following months will usher in swift answers. You are not denied, you are My Beloved. I will not change My mind about you or the destiny.Take heart that I am for you always. When the boat rocks, I will calm what refuses to cease. Your latter days will be bigger and brighter, so ignore the words of the enemy near and far. I did not take you this far to throw out the magnificent Glory yet to arrive for My people. Do you not yet understand that I include you into all that I do within the Earth realm. You are a very important piece of what is yet to be poured out to all of mankind.

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