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  • MaryEllen McCloud

May 9, 2019

The Father says, For Diamonds to arrive at their end state, they must be seen with value from the start. See yourself in the Pricelessness that I see you in. I am not looking at what is wrong, but what I have placed within that is amazing. You are created in My Image, and when you behold yourself as being molded into the image of another, you will fall short of the Glory that surrounds you. I gave you family and dear friends to walk this journey with you. Resist the temptation to want to be like another while you discard the rare gems that I placed inside of you. I have never asked you to become like someone else, nor should you declare the desire.

Take after My Son, and you will soar like Eagles and commune like True Sheep. Many are being asked to take off their mask of pride to seek help in matters they are drowning in. See beyond the natural to witness My Hand in action. Pride has been your downfall in moving forward instead of spinning in circles. I am stretching and challenging you out of immaturity thinking you are more wise than another. I have given you impossible to clear roadblocks, and I have sent My Anointed to remove those blinders from your eyes. In your blindness, you have listened to what you thought was right in your own mind. It is time to come up higher to acknowledge areas that you need to grow in, so that I can transform every area of your life.

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