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  • MaryEllen McCloud

May 1, 2019

The Father says, The sky may tremble, but who is charge of the sky? When you see things as unorderly and out of control do you imagine fear will solve these issues? I am not a Lord that is dreaming of a better creation. Stop looking at the fall and decide that today is going to be magnificent. I Am the Beginning and I Am the End. You are merely passing through on your way to perfection. I have not counted these days of learning and growing against you. I do not see your weakness as something that is unusable for My divine purposes. I am not comparing you to where another is currently at in their journey and neither should you be. You cannot always see the price that they paid to be in this now moment.

Let the restlessness leave as you walk out these days with full confidence that I am for you. The sand is shifting out of the foundations. Do not focus on what makes you insecure, but instead trust that I have you on firm foundations. I Am the Rock that you have clung to in times of need. I Am the Safe Harbor from the storms of life. You are moving up into Promotion and what is not coming with you is falling away in this hour. Allow this transformation to fully take place. The burdens that you are unknowingly carrying are being cut off your shoulders. No longer should you take on illegitimate baggage. To Be Free, you must decide to make this your very way of life. You are more than what you have imagined. Rise Up! It is time for the fulfillment of long overdue promises!

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