• MaryEllen McCloud

April 28, 2019

The Father says, I will not ask you to be perfect for this is not achievable. Instead in your weakness and imperfections are you made whole through Me. Let that sink in for a moment. Your weakness can be your greatest strength. When you decrease, I will increase allowing you to go places that the human experience is purely limited from. You are born of spirit first not flesh. You possess so much more than all that you have witnessed thus far. Staying stagnate does nothing for you in reality. It is merely a false state of comfortability that robs you of the fullness that I have died to give you.

I Am on your Side! You are with Me and I Am with you! When you look behind, I maybe in front of you, and when you look in front, I maybe acting as the rearguard. But Look and you will find Me right there taking you to the next place in My Glory. The atmosphere has been turned up like a tornado right now. Do not breathe in worry from others around you. I am merely removing what does not belong and clearing out debris blocking your way. You are Protected under My Wings forevermore! Feel the Shift in the Atmosphere. The horses have been made ready for the next part of your journey.