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  • MaryEllen McCloud

April 19, 2019

The Father says, When walking on water, do not ask if this is possible. Many are in striking distance of walking into their miracle, but say to themselves, “This will not happen for me.” Am I the God of nonsense. Would I show you an inheritance with Rights given to My Royal Sons and Daughters, and yet rip it out from underneath you? You carry the full title and deed. Arise and Receive. Stop wonder when and Command that you have already received. Open your eyes to what I am doing before you. Notice how your thoughts travel within the day to gain the revelation of what I am speaking to you about.

I have not left you without My Voice. I defend those who are Mine. My Hand moves over what you petition before My Throne. Speak with Power and Authority. You are no small potato, so conduct yourself knowing that Christ is within you daily. I call you Friend and no longer merely a servant. Walk with Me during the day and during the night. There is no distance between us. Forget the notion that you have somehow done something that would change My desire to co-create life with you. Let My Spirit speak to you so that Freedom will fall upon your heart and mind. Allow My Love to radiate into every circumstance. This train is about to run out of track, but you can now fly!

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