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  • MaryEllen McCloud

April 11, 2019

The Father says, You are not going under, you are going DEEPER. I am taking you to realms you never thought were available nor areas that you believed have open access. I desire My people to take the limits off and release the brakes! You are not asked to feel comfortable in the stretching and challenging. You will grow in unimaginable ways. You have a Destiny; a Future full of Amazing Glory; and Promises falling down from every direction. Do not gaze at the negative for you will miss what I am up to in your midst.

I will work out all things for your Good so hang out your banner of Belief. When you walk in unbelief, you block what I am fully willing to do on your behalf. Miracles form out of Faith and Trust in who I AM and not who you are. What I will do for one, I will do for all. No one has higher status or ranking before Me. Still struggling to See? Ask Me to show you just who I AM. You are not required to light fire to a thousand altars upon a hill to receive My Attention. I am right here ready to share the mysteries and promises to those at My Feet. Come Closer. I will not chase you off! Better is yet to Come. Let My Latter Rains fall upon your heart today.

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