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  • MaryEllen McCloud

April 9, 2019

The Father says, From moment to moment, I am watching over My Word so that it Performs. Sit at My Feet for I am about to show you exactly what is about to be fulfilled even in this hour. Many want to rush this process, but know that My Timing does not fail. You are not asked to understand but to Trust, that when all of the pieces finally fall into place that you will be beyond what you had expected. My plans are always an upgrade from your own. Release how you think I should go about something and just watch what I actually do. I created you out of My very own imagination. I did not make junk in My design of you.

I will not abandon you today just as I have not since the foundations. When you believe your life and meaning is only what you can see today, then you will overlook what I have been doing in and through you since you were first spirit only. You are not an orphan! I Am your Heavenly Father who will bind up and heal all of your wounds. My plans are just getting started over you. Age is just a number. Amazing exploits are a way of life and not just a one hit wonder, here today and gone forever more. I am raising up Sons and Daughters who are uncompromising in My Kingdom. Decide not to live like the world for I have much to overflow through you to the world even now!

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