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  • MaryEllen McCloud

April 6, 2019

The Father says, Nothing can stop what I have ordained. Are you walking in My Will? Do you feel that you are in Kingdom alignment? You cannot serve two masters, so find that I will ask you for an answer today. Who will you serve in all of your ways? Living complacent will keep you moving backwards in truth. Be one who studies My Word like a Berean. They saw truth through the spirit and not in the natural logic of human understanding. They were able to See the Truth of the Gospel where the Pharisee desired a prideful argument.

When you wash your feet in the filth of the world, to walk in their ways, you forfeit much in the Kingdom. I desire your Heart and Mind. The world is full of unending distractions that will lead you in the wrong direction. Come before Me for the Strategy. Many are wanting everything to be Instantaneous, which provides only a divided mind. What will you learn by the waiting and trusting in My Glory before you? You were spirit before you walked on this Earth. Do not look upon your days as merely what you see before you. What you are is far more than you have imagined. Time to put down childish ways to walk as My Royal Sons and Daughters, completely sold out to My Kingdom here before you. My plans are Great for a lost and dying world.

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