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  • MaryEllen McCloud

April 4, 2019

The Father says, There is a Rumble in the Sky and on the Earth. Do not be dismayed for My Kingdom is digging its claws in even deeper in this hour. What would not manifest quickly is coming to you with Power and Great Speed. Before you can even turn your head to see the direction that this might travel from, it will be before you indeed. My Authority is before you. My Rod and Staff are now in your hands. Do not shrink back for nothing shall harm you. My warrior angels go before you to ensure the victory is yours.

Take up your sword for the enemy will run merely at your sight. I will not send you where there is no protection. Stay close to Me for the path can seem uncertain at times. You have been upgraded so you must learn how to move and operate in the New on the inside and outside. What seems unfamiliar will become second nature to you in short time. You will grow into this New as you spend time with Me. I have much to show and demonstrate before you. To walk in the miraculous, you must first need the miraculous. Behold, this is the path you must walk. This season is one of amazing exploits and ever changing perspective on just who you are in Me. I am not one dimensional and neither are you!

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