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  • MaryEllen McCloud

March 28, 2019

The Father says, The ripples in the water are prominent around you today. You thought that things would dissipate, but now you see that I am growing this momentum even larger. In the past movements of My Spirit, eventually what was, faded. Some still held onto what no longer held My Spirit, while others felt disillusionment and unable to find the New that I Sent out. Many are looking for a Raven and not My Dove. You want My Spirit to fit into your packaged religion. Find Today, that I am breaking down the walls that have held you at arms length from My Goodness. I am removing the log in your own eye that you have used against your brothers and sisters. It is now that you will see clearly. It is now that you will walk in My Light fully untouched from the schemes and trances from the enemy.

Rise Up! We are leaving this place. You have waited by the Brook, but that has dried up by My Command. You will not be able to get the water flowing here any longer. It is time to walk in the Upgraded Lifestyle that My Son died to give you. Rejoice, for you are not who you were, for you have been made even more into the Image of My Son. You are weaned from the milk, and the limited thinking that goes along with that. I have ruffled your feathers and even led you to be offended just to show you what was really underneath your outer man. I desire to use you, so shake off the disappointments from the past. I plan to increase and multiply what is before you. Put your hands to the Plow, it is time to plant into the fertile soil all around you.

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