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  • MaryEllen McCloud

March 25, 2019

The Father says, Set out the Welcome mat and stand at the door with full expectation. For even in this hour a shift is beginning around you and in your life. What you have been standing for in faith and trust in is being delivered straight to your door. I will shut the mouth of those that mocked and accused you of wrong doing. Understand that what I am doing in this moment with My Bride is unlike what has been witnessed before. The Trumpets have sounded. All has been made ready. Look forward, for what I have for you is now and not in the past. I will always turn around what the enemy meant for harm into your most glorious of blessings!

No matter how dark before the dawn looks, the Son will restore and redeem and renew everything you are going through. See the people around you as precious and indispensable in My Kingdom. Even those who know Me not, I long for their return, for once they were with Me, and now they have lost their way. Pray without ceasing for your prayers will indeed change the course of what is near and far away. I will not turn a deaf ear to your pleas at My Throne. What you have on your heart is precious to Me. Release the dam and let it flow uncontrollably for I will answer!

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