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  • MaryEllen McCloud

March 23, 2019

The Father says, Have your spiritual eyes and ears have been crusted over and unable to receive the messages from My Throne Room. Bring your hands and heart before Me this hour. I will place upon you the strategic wisdom and weaponry to abolish what is standing in your way. Consecrate yourself unto Me with no more double mind or wishy washy Christian living. If you are Mine then be Mine in every way. Do not run and hide thinking I will scold you. You are My Beloved who I freed from the hands of the enemy.

Not for one moment do I stand in confusion as to the choices you have made. Quiet your mind that is whirling around with instability. I will give you peace and a sound mind. I will replace your torn garments for that of a King or Queen. I will take you from the pit that you are unable to escape by your own hands. The waves maybe crashing against you, but do I not control even the smallest drops of that wave? It is time to prepare yourself for what is to come. Put away small minded thinking and put on the mindset of ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. It doesn’t matter what negative reports you hear around you. You cannot fail because I cannot fail. I place you in My Hand this very day. My Glory will visit My people from New Realms. Let no one be without the rains that are coming from Heaven.

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