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  • MaryEllen McCloud

March 22, 2019

The Father says, Feeling Deja Vu lately? Have you come to this spot in the river before? In the past, I may have taken you directly across or allowed you to find your way up or down stream. These were moments of great lessons. Today, you find yourself back in the same spot and wonder why I am not there to assist once more. I know what you are capable of, but do you? To walk as a mature Son or Daughter, you must use what you have learned with full kingdom discernment. Only then will you pass the test. To arrive to the next promotion, it is time to show mastery in old lessons. Did you fall asleep during instruction? This is only a test!

Do not lose sight of where you are right now. What seems too strong is merely an illusion. You have already had the victory here. Nothing has changed in reality. Stand and press through. As you do, the fog will lift. You have everything you need to triumph and walk into the New that is fully waiting for your arrival. I am here on the other side with My Majesty to bestow unto you. Do not faint and do not allow weariness to overtake your very soul. You are trusted to make it through this moment. Just a bit more and you will be clear. Nothing will cause you to stumble when you keep your wits about you. Do not give into the pressure. Allow the pressure to make you into the Pureness of My True Called and Chosen.

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