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  • MaryEllen McCloud

March 20, 2019

The Father says, Be open to what I am doing around you in this season. You will make connections with some key people, which will open doors you were not expecting. I am setting you up for greater so look at setbacks as a strong sign of change in the atmosphere. Just as an arrow must be pulled backwards to have the momentum forward, there are times this is true in your life. What was stuck and unmovable is under My Voice and Hand in this hour. It does not matter what force worked against your progress, I will take you forward. Expect the Unexpected in the next few weeks. One step leads to miles on the journey, but you must still take the steps.

What you experience today will serve you even years from now, if you allow Me to be the final say over these matters. I am writing the blueprints and maps for the new assignments coming swiftly. You will be finishing up some chapters so that you will have room to move into the new places. Nothing has been overlooked by Me. Rest in the Process for soon you will be busy and running farther than believed. Soon you will open the unimaginable that demonstrates My Love and Favor like you have never known until now. I so Love You!

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