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  • MaryEllen McCloud

March 12, 2019

The Father says, Finding your grace? Many struggle to give others grace because they have not found it for themselves. When you are giving grace, you are unlocking shackles that were on the other person. When you bestow grace towards yourself, you are giving Me permission to bless you beyond imagining. Grace is the Action that I carry out for My Glory and Honor. You are carriers of My Presence and therefore, doers of My Word. Grace is a healer of the soul.

Grace keeps a heart humble for what is received was not by one’s own merit or level of performance. It simply just is My Full and Complete Love poured out for no reason other than because I choose to. Many will overlook that My Grace is a continuous flow that has no beginning and no end. You can tap into this flow at any moment. You can give out this power and when you do, you are doing the will of your Father in Heaven.

Speak blessings and not curses. Do not let envy and jealousy rule your attitude. Will I not do the same for you that I would do for another? You are not in competition with your brothers and sisters. If you feel you are in lack, then come before Me with an open heart and mind so that I may show you what is for you at this moment. Some things received too soon will become a destructive force in your life. Do you not see your own heart this day? The motives of the heart are known to Me.

As you walk in this atmosphere for your own life, you yield your heart and life over to Me more and more. You start to look and sound more like Christ. A life of chaos breaks way to a life of peace and joy that will ride through any storm unscathed. You find the ability to walk without the striving, in the human efforts, to be My Child. You learn to just Be and Let Me take over what is out of your reach. In the Grace, you realize why you are worthy of all that I have, and why I choose to be with you no matter what. It is because of who I Am, and let no man boast. You are loved so purely. Wear all of My Love this day. There are no orphans in My Kingdom.

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