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  • MaryEllen McCloud

March 10, 2019

The Father says, Changing course is difficult when you hold your own will above Mine. Many have gotten comfortable where they are to the point they have cursed the land through their disobedience. You will have many calls within your kingdom assignments, but your destiny unfolds shaped by what you took up or placed down.

So I say, Take up your Rod and Staff. Get ready for I am bringing you to a new level of excellence. The old is going out even if I rip it from your hands. Let Go and Let Me be Your King. Let Go of the human striving to impress those near and far. I use yielded vessels not those stubbornly walking in pride.

You possess My Sweet Nectar. Do not withhold this blessing. Allow Me to flow in and through you. This is what brings favor to your door. I will use your life, your talents, your anointings for great and mighty things even where you are today. Not everyone requires a public platform to fulfill My Will over their life.

Regrets should seem fleeting in this moment for I am removing the shame and condemnation others have placed upon you. Again, I say let go. The past cannot serve you outside of lessons learned. You are not meant to hold onto this until a wound festers into infection. I am making all things new in this moment. Embrace and Run into My Arms!

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