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  • MaryEllen McCloud

March 6, 2019

The Father says, Raise the Flag. Raise the Banner. Let what is made to fly, fly forever. What you lower to the ground will cease to function the way the Creator intended. When you are weary, I will give you drink, food, and a place to lay your head. Trying to do everything on your own will leave you drained and ineffective in task after task. People may not always understand your need to step back. Ignoring what will truly benefit you, will leave you empty at some point. How can you give when you are not filled up yourself?

Be cautious of people who drain and who are time wasters. It is true that many have good intentions, but they are still not ones who will give back into you. I have you aimed at the bullseye. Many will try to point the arrow this way and that way to fit their own agenda. Be mindful of these moments. Saying ‘no’ is a vital component to your peace. I will guide you on what to pick up and what to pass on. You will soar much higher when you are not being weighed down unnecessarily. Empty your hands of all that does not serve you or those I have sent you to.

My Ruach Winds are upon you this hour. Change is in the air. What are you believing change for and in? Find your relationships being stretched and challenged in a deeper fashion. You will understand those around you more and have more grace for areas that they struggle to overcome. You will have strategies to help them reach the goals that they desire. Years of being stuck in one place will suddenly break free and make way to a resolution. Large boulders are being cleared right now. The immovable is being moved.

Count it All Joy. The good, the bad.. All is coming into focus with purpose and blessings. My Favor is upon you. I will take you to a level that you didn’t even walk to. Even the times you feel like you are barely hanging onto My Coattails, know that I am moving you through terrain to catch you up when you have fell behind. I know where you are to be this very day. You are arriving on time. Open the child-like eyes to witness all that Your Heavenly Father is up to on your behalf.

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