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  • MaryEllen McCloud

March 4, 2019

The Father says, Are you feeling blown around in the wind that others create? Just because someone disagrees about something in your life does not mean they have the authority to speak into your life or that they are correct. Take some time to go off and talk to Me about it. Do not let emotions fill you with opinions either. I will share My Heart with you until all confusion and doubt are gone. People may or may not have good intentions regarding these matters, but I know the right steps beyond what others do or do not see.

There are forces that desire to keep you rattled and off balance. See through the fog. You will have the upper hand and advantage point when you take your time before you respond. No matter what the news report reveals or what the weather report forecasts, none of that may find your doorstep. I am here with you, and I will not leave you. When you wonder off to solve your own dilemmas, just remember how you walked into this situation and how you desire to walk out of it. My ways are Higher, but I will not force you out of what you have decided upon.

I have given you many puzzle pieces to mysteries that I am unfolding. Many decide that the puzzle piece is worthless and toss it. Others can’t make the pieces fit so they toss it. I say, look again because right before your eyes, what was hidden is being revealed. Years of deep questions and frustration are coming together in fullness. What made you bang your fist in anger will come forth in great joy. Do not look behind for I am right here before you with the keys that you have sought and prayed for.

I am putting purpose to your suffering and giving you beauty for the ashes. I am healing your mind and your heart. Repayment and Compensation are coming to you with increase. What seemed like a waste will be made over with great value. You are one step closer and moments away from all that I have been setting you up for. Hold out your Hands. You are so Loved and You are My Beloved!

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