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  • MaryEllen McCloud

February 23, 2019

The Father says, There is a quickening that is coming to your spirit in this hour. I have said an acceleration is coming to this world that has not been before. For what took long to happen in the natural will now happen quick and at rapid speed. You have asked for My Will over your life, and you have asked for help aligning to My Purposes. I am establishing My desires within your heart and mind.

You are a new creation. Embrace this each and every day. Look at old patterns that are no longer serving you. For you to fully walk in a transformed life, you must have an image and idea of who you want to become. You must be diligent and on purpose in all of your ways. Be honest about your motives, and remove the blinders that you willingly place on. Ask Me to work on areas that need a makeover.

Sometimes I work in secret, and sometimes I directly address issues with you. Know that I am always placing you on My Potter’s Wheel to mold and make you into the image of My Son. I have promised never to leave you stuck where you are. Higher and Higher will I send you like a lightning bolt! Never worry about small beginnings, for I can do more with the small than the grander.

You are more than you realize. I have not wasted your call and destiny on a fruitless and purposeless journey. You are not denied My Very Best! In fact, I have reserved more than your eye could ever imagine. Hold on to My Hand and never let go. Victory is your portion. Keep walking for I will supply all of your needs to the riches of My Glory.

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