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  • MaryEllen McCloud

February 20, 2019

The Father says, Rainbows are a sign of My Promises over your life. I will not bring the rain without demonstrating My covenant and contracts given. What is a sign will be seen and unseen just the same in this season. I will show you in grand and subtle ways of how much I do Love you. You will not go without.

Rest and give that problem over to Me. I will tell you when we are going to take action, but for now, place it out of your mind. Many long standing issues are wrapping up by the close of 2019. Some you had forgotten about as other concerns took the forefront of your mind. My angels are in position for your breakthrough and restoration.

All has been taking into account. I have left nothing out. Enjoy this moment for I will show you the beauty all around you that escaped your senses. Even in the storm, the clouds are magical. Justice is indeed falling in this hour. I know what you have gone through, and I will answer with a Mighty Roar.

Great presents are coming, for My Blessings will reach your doorstep. Clean your house and get things in order. For I will not withhold My Goodness from those that walk uprightly. You will finish out this year better than you started. Keep your heart and mind on Me. Watch Me come through on everything you are trusting Me to finished for you. Change is in the Wind!

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