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  • MaryEllen McCloud

What is on God's Heart Today

The Lord showed me that He was looking over the seeds that we have sown, to pay out what was just and owned. As He went over the crops, many had sown seeds of enemy through words or deeds. God says, His people need to come to Him in repentance quickly before He pays out the justice over these sins. He will be reminding you of people or situations that you have responded to outside of the mind of Christ. Understand that others may be equally at fault, but God is speaking to you about your part alone.

God says that many will not see the Rewards of a Righteous harvest because the weight of their unrepentant sins will overshadow what God would desire to bless them with.

We live in a time where the walk of Righteousness and Coming before God with Clean hands are dismissed under a wrong usage of Grace. Repentance is a daily way of life. Otherwise, we will leave open gateways for the enemy to invade in our body, mind, soul and path in life. Repent quickly in your day, so that the traps of the enemy do not take root. Many are looking for God to do something in their life, but they fail to realize that they have blocked His Hand of favor and blessing, and this is what God is speaking to today.

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