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  • MaryEllen McCloud

February 18, 2019

The Father says, When you come to the end of yourself, is when you come to the beginning of Me. Weakness is not a downfall. If it were, I would have created you differently. Through weakness, you recognize the void that is present when I am not part of your life. Many only call upon Me when they are at the end of what they can do personally. I say, call upon Me in everything.

Your portion is not to wait until you reach that point. There are indeed times that I will allow you to get to that understanding and experience in order to Show Up and Out for you in Miraculous ways. I could have parted the Red Sea long before Moses reached its banks. I desire to grow you into realizing that I will come through at the right moment, and that there is no requirement to See ahead of time how I will make the way.

Our relationship deepens as you bring Me all of your concerns; hopes and dreams; joys and celebrations! Come to Me first and watch all of your fears silence in My Peace. If the world causes you to lose your peace again, just look into My Eyes. I will show you rest. I have watched over you since I made you. I will not let you fall.

Begin to see that hardships are fine tuning and shaping you into the vessel that will be overcome where I will send you down the road. As you have your faith and trust in Me firmly established through the storms of life, you will know that the next storm is no real threat to your security in reality. Step by step and moment by moment do I take the ‘diamond in the rough’ inside of you to polish and cut facets of rare beauty in and through you. My Light will truly reflect perfectly through the the diamond that I Am making you into!


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