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  • MaryEllen McCloud

February 16, 2019

The Father says, There is Grace in the Becoming. Grace stands in the gap between what you can do in the moment and what I can do in and through you. Many think that they have to have it all figured out before they step out in their call and anointing. It is by My Might, Power, and Spirit that you will walk in the Knowing and Doing.

Too many are trying to use their gifts the way they see someone else doing so. I created you a unique person with everything of My Spirit uniquely fashioned just for you. Break free of the cookie cutter molds for I have not called you to this type of mentality. When you do so, many will reject you for they will want conformity. Others will be jealous. But Know this, as you walk in what I have formed in your inner being, you will watch My limitless favor and blessing come back around to you.

What you do unto others in My Name, will also visit your life in endless rewards and benefits. Do not worry about who appreciates what I am doing in your life. Focus on Me daily, and you will see how perfectly the pieces pull together to form the picture I drew over your very existence. You are Loved so purely in My Eyes. Look deeper!

For I have careful and lovingly watched over all aspects concerning you since the foundations. Not one moment has passed by My attention or detail. I celebrate when you are joyous. I weep when you struggle. Do you not see yet? You are everything to Me. I will not withhold My goodness to those who walk uprightly. Even when your years have passed, you will one day see how I did indeed work out all for your good. My Glory and Honor would do nothing less for you!

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