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  • MaryEllen McCloud

February 12, 2019

The Father says, Fresh manna in the morning is falling into your life. I have new revelations and understandings to fill your spirit. You have grown stagnant, and I desire to take you from Glory to Glory. Religious minds will always reject what I am showing them. When My Son walked on Earth, many people rejected the Truth standing right before them.

I still send out My Anointed Vessels to pave the way of the New that I am doing over the Earth. Many people are so stuck looking at old ways of doing things, that they easily reject what I am saying in this hour. Without even a second of hesitation, they throw to the ground the miracle of freedom that I wrap around their heart.

My ways are not man’s. My thoughts are not man’s. I Am Higher. I do not bend to the logic or will of man.

Nineveh recognized the Vessel I sent to them in Jonah when Jonah wasn’t even sure what vessel He was for me. When you receive the anointed I send to you, so too will you be rescued. If you want change, you must look at yourself before your brother or sister.

Do you not see that you are world changers and not world conformers? When you live a life of comprise to the world, you poison your very soul. Your heart is not centered solely on Me, and the logic of man rules your decisions. My people have grown dull in their eyes and deaf in their ears. You have become convinced that you are above reproof and correction by My Hand. How many messengers shall I need to send before you get off of this path covered in destruction? Get Up for we are moving on from here. Change is in the Wind!

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