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  • MaryEllen McCloud

February 11, 2019

The Father says, I am establishing a new level of flexibility to your vocabulary and way of life. Many are moving into positions of authority where you will not be before a set audience weekly. I will move you and shift you wherever My people are hungry to receive from My throne room. The cries of revival are coming to the desolate lands, and by those cries will My Voice speak a new way of life.

Even if you believe you are unqualified or disqualified, come before Me for I will use the willing for My Namesake. I will get you prepared for the journey. You just need to show up so I may use the gifts I placed on the inside. Release the desire to place your hands on the steering wheel. If I Am your Lord, then let Me be your Lord in all areas.

Erase the mindset of what a man believes is success or failure. Some of the greatest moments of what you thought were failures will indeed be the greatest moments that you planted good seeds in fertile ground, which will sprout in due season. I will determine the outcome. You just remain faithful to where I send you.

The price of the call is high. Understand sacrifice will be a cost many will decide not to endure at some point. For you will get out what you are willing to put in. I already know what you will do. What do you believe about yourself? I desire to use you for amazing exploits. Life has a way of pointing a person in unplanned directions. I still have a higher path that you are invited to walk upon. What will you choose? The world is looking for what I have placed on the inside of you!

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