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  • MaryEllen McCloud

February 8, 2019

The Father says, Flowers have individual pedals to capture multiple levels of Glory. Not one pedal alone could reflect the fullness of what the whole flower possess. You are that Flower in My Heart. Your beauty is unique before Me. You capture My Radiance each and every moment as My Light gives warmth so the bud will open.

There are many who would like to change the essence of what I have created this flower to do and be. Critics will come far and wide and impose alleged flaws in the flower. Who will you listen to? Hold in your heart and mind the magnificence that I see in you. I gaze upon the completion of what I am doing in your inner being.

Man surely has opinions about where you should be in your life at this moment. How did you get where you are right now anyway? Push aside the noise and distractions. Hold close to your chest what I have told you and forget any words that are contradictory. Your future is brighter than your past. I have not forsaken My Promises over your life, and I never will.

Soon what you are going through will all be a memory. Sooner than you realize. I Am the creator of time, and I have promised to redeem the time you feel got away from you. I will restore your excitement for living again. I will remove the painful years from even your memory. Not too much longer and this will all be in your past. Come closer and let Me comfort you in this hour. I will never let you go, Precious One.

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