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  • MaryEllen McCloud

February 7, 2019

The Father says, Hills roll up and down. Do not despise the journey for each motion has a purpose under Heaven. I will take you through different seasons to grow what is in you or to bring what is in you, out! Many are wrestling with My Plans over their life, but I say Stop Pushing and Pulling. Let Me show you the blueprints.

You are made for much much more than you are walking in today. When you settle for the lesser, you will not rise up to all that I truly have over your days. When you believe what man says over what I say, you are placing them as your lord instead. I know your full potential because it is reliant upon My involvement in the small and big alike.

Why ask someone who did not knit you together? I will not tell you to answer your critics when it is My place to do so for you. You are in a season where the mouths that opened up in opposition to you, will suddenly be silenced. Those that made it their mission to claim you were not in My will, soon will get My response.

Release the outcome and desire to be vindicated. The score is Mine to settle. I will raise up whom I shall and lower those who are not walking in humility. Many have puffed themselves up against you, but know that this is your moment of pure restoration to the rightful seat at My Table. You will not be denied!

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