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  • MaryEllen McCloud

February 6, 2019

The Father says, I am developing a larger and deeper heart inside of you. One that will carry the beating of My Heart towards a lost and dying world. Do not shrink back from what I desire to do in your life. People have greatly wounded you, but I have set before you brand new relationships that will take you to new places in the journey.

Did I not say that I was not done with you yet? It is time for your footsteps to become lighter and carefree. My Winds will take you here and over there for My Namesake. You will love what I am up to, you will see. I waste nothing in your life for all will turn to fine wine and be put into new wine skins.

In the night, I will commune with your spirit. One to One will I release fresh new guidance and direction for you to carry out with clarity. Areas that didn’t seem to have answers to will suddenly make sense on what steps are required going forward. Release any fear or anxiety for your journey has no need for such things.

New wells are springing up around you in this hour. The long season of despair and heartache are being washed away. The fog is lifting over that bridge you are crossing. The Christ in You is coming forth like you have never known before. Struggles of the flesh will cease as you yield over your heart and mind. I will lighten your load. Just place it all in My Hands!

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