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  • MaryEllen McCloud

February 5, 2019

The Father says, Prayer brings the Winds of Change the minute you utter the plea. Understand you have more power in your tongue than with all of your bodily might combined. Use what I give you for good lest it become a curse upon your soul. Be a House of Prayer! Raise the roof with expectation that I will meet you where you are.

As My Temple, you are the vessel that My Power and Authority manifests through. Look at what is in darkness to see what My Light can do to what seems hopeless now. You are more than mere mortals helpless to the forces all around. Take up what I have given you. If you think you need more then surely ask for more.

Bestow the Grace I have given you freely and allow your brother and sister to flow in Grace as well. You are all at different places but on the same journey. I am changing each one of you on My Potter’s Wheel. You may fail and they may fail at times, but I Am faithful to pick each one of My Beloved yet again.

Join Hands and walk forward to the Battlefield. I will not let you be harmed. Maturity is made in the fire and adversity. But know this, you are coming out as pure as the finest of gems. I am not keeping the flaws in the end, but refining the process by which you formed. All things are being made new. Walk in this and not the old. Shaking is here, and you are moving higher!

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