• MaryEllen McCloud

February 3, 2019

The Father says, A heart’s compass that is focused on worldly dominion will eventually take you down a path that may be difficult to turn around from. The compass will either follow your will or Mine. You are in control of what the compass is used for. If you want your compass to always lead you to Me, you must make that decision each and every day.

Even when you are unsure of which way to go, the compass will be safe to follow. I desire for you to live in peace in every situation. I am not wondering how I will bring you through the storm. I know all of your days and how you will come out better on the other side. Never doubt that I am with you and more than able to deliver no matter what you face. All you have to do is have Faith! Keep your heart's thermostat set to Trust and Hope in the Great I AM.

I have not forgotten you. Pressure allowed to build up is not an indicator of something being wrong. If you are never challenged, will you ever grow stronger? If you never face the unimaginable dilemma, will you ever see My Hand move all around? The Israelites saw with their natural eyes and yet their hearts were cold as stone. Turn away from a doubtful mind!

I have New Realms for you to journey to. A limited mind will miss what I am up to. Release the business as usual and go deeper into the Kingdom Glory. You have access to far more than you can imagine, and I desire to show you what you are currently living without. Embrace what is coming down to Earth in this season. It is more valuable than all of the gems still left to discover.