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  • MaryEllen McCloud

January 25, 2019

The Father says, My Hand is upon you heavily in this hour. Reach up and grab a hold of what I am raining down on you right now. I have made promises to you that I will not forsake. Promises from generations long ago are Now coming into their fullness. My Blessings are coming to you with interest and abundance. What was not able to be seen by your ancestors, will be seen in this generation.

You are not washed up and finished. Declare that you are coming out of all that has held you back. Your bondage and slave days are over. Decide to see the possibilities in what tomorrow will hold. Yield your heart and mind to me for I will do amazing exploits for My Namesake indeed. You are the very blessing that someone has been waiting for. I will send you where the need is great for Kingdom Glory. Rest assured that you will love how this journey unfolds.

Never dismiss a season of troubles, for in the coming out is My Favor and Reward for My Faithful and True. I am not a God who demands perfection. I will not ask the impossible from you. Let go of what went wrong, and Stand with confidence that Your Lord and King is proud of you! You could have given up, but you held in there on the days when the dawn never seemed as though it would come.

I am releasing a sweet fragrance from Heaven that will revive the dead things in you. A new awakening will come to your spirit. I will right the wrongs of past seasons, and I will write a new song upon your heart. All of Heaven is celebrating this very day for where you are going to is so much brighter than what you have known.

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