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  • MaryEllen McCloud

January 14, 2019

The Father says, Do not allow anything or anyone remove you from My Peace over your life! There are always many voices all around attempting to give you advice, but many will not give you peace or direction. My Spirit is your Comforter in all things. Draw upon Me when you are spun around with worry and confusion. I will see you through to victory.

As you draw closer, you will feel My presence in new and tangible ways. You have heard of other people having real encounters with Me, and it is time for you to realize that I desire to give you those same experiences. I Am not God reserved for some, but I have come for all of Mankind. Keep pressing in for More, and you will indeed find Me there.

What I wrote upon your life is very much still obtainable for you. Forget about the mistakes and the condemnation others would desire to place over your life. I decide who is qualified, and it is not from the standard of men. Throw down those religious tablets on your heart that set boundaries for what you can do in life.

I do not see gender nor race nor economic status as a factor in what I have spoken for you to do and be in life. I have put My Spirit inside of you. What more proof do you need that I Am for you? Rise up and allow My Power and Authority overflow out of your inner being. You can indeed do all things through Christ!

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